Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries

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Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries

Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries are the major areas of income generating activities of IDF group members. Chittagong Hill Tracts has immense potentials of employment generation in these sectors. IDF has been giving special focus on these areas since its inception. IDF initially got support from Sida to integrate agriculture with micro-credit in 1996. HKI joined IDF in1998 to support in the fields of home-gardening, nutrition vegetable, fruits gardening and local poultry raising by improved method. IDF created a separate department to provide services in these sectors through professional staff and extension workers. The structure of this department is as follows:

The progress of activities under this department in 2016 is presented below:

Agriculture :

The main purpose of initiating this program was to help the tribal jhum cultivators in CHTs to transform their traditional practice into improved one. Other activities like home- gardening, fruits gardening, seed production, nursery, organic food production, value chain development for safe food, spices production and processing, production of vermi-compost, pheromone trap and establishment of a residential agriculture training centre with demonstration farm are remarkable activities in 2016.

The present status and the progress in 2016 are as follows:

Central Nursery 1
Office Nursery 2
Village Model Farm 185
Home gardening 426

Agriculture & Livestock Activities with PKSF Supports :

The Agriculture & Livestock team with the support of PKSF completed a number of activities on Livestock and Poultry in 2016. These are mainly on goat rearing, layer rearing, beef fattening, Red Chittagong Cattle (breeding, rearing and fattening), vermi-compost production, poultry birds rearing, animal health, vaccination etc. The details activities completed in 2016 are as follows:


Sl. No. Activities No. of Demonstration No. of beneficiaries
1 Goat rearing 102 102
2 Dairy cows 43 43
3 Layer rearing 45 45
4 Quail rearing 18 18
5 Buck centre 34 34
6 Beef fattening 19 19
7 Vermi-compost 289 289

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