Automation and Mobile

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At the end of 2016, IDF started to move from station based software to web-based software with the help of Data soft company. All the IT staff including Branch Managers, Area Managers and Zonal Managers were given training on web-based system. Migration of all branches from station based to web- based system is completed in December 2016.

Mobile Banking

In order to speed up the work of the organization and extend more support to the borrowers, IDF started piloting mobile banking in 2013. IDF is piloting this program in collaboration with Progoti System and First Security Islamic Bank Ltd.

The progress of Mobile Banking as of December 2016 are as follows:

  1. Trained Branch Manager, Field organizer and IT staffs of 44 branches;
  2. 23,744 members have opened mobile banking account and some of them have started transactions using this account;
  3. 4 branches (Bahadarhat, Mariumnagar and Uttar khan) have started financial transactions including loan disbursement and instalment collection on experimental basis.