The supreme authority of IDF is General Body which is composed of 18 members from different professions such as university teachers, engineers, medical doctors, retired UN officials etc. IDF has a Governing Body of 7 members elected from the General Body. The General Body is the highest policy and decision making body of IDF. The Governing Body is responsible for the formulation of plan and budget for the programs and projects to be implemented by the organization. The Governing Body evaluates and monitors the implementation of policies, programmes and projects through various monitoring tools and visits to the project areas. A Chairman elected by the General Body heads both General and Governing Body. The Executive Director works as General-Secretary of both the Bodies.

The Executive Director is the Chief Executive of the Foundation and responsible for the smooth implementation of all activities of the Foundation as per guidance of the Governing Body. He implements the activities through the appointed professionals and support staff.


Arct. Maung Than Han
Arct. Maung Than Han---
Afroza Khanam
Afroza Khanam---
Mr. Zahirul Alam
Mr. Zahirul Alam---
Executive Director/ Secretary
Maung Thoai Ching
Maung Thoai Ching ---
Farzana Rahman
Farzana RahmanTreasurer
Ranglai Mro
Ranglai Mro---

General Body:

Mr. A. K. Fazlul Bari

Prof. Dr. Mahmudul Alam

Mr. Zahirul Alam

Principal Dr. Rezaul Kabir

Mr. Maung Thoai Ching

Prof. Shahid-ul-Amin Chowdhury

Dr. Md. Ismail Chowdhury

Mr. Zafar Ullah

Mr. Jawher Lal Das

Arct. Maung Than Han

Mr. Mahfuzur Rahman

Mr. Nurul Alam Chowdhury

Mrs. Hosne Ara Begum

Prof . Dr. Md. Saleh Uddin

Mr. Ranglai Murang

Prof. Lalon Kanti Chakma

Prof. Afroza Khanam

Mrs. Farzana Rahman

Mrs. Biva Chakma

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