Gayal Project (Bos frontalis): Breed Conservation, Development and Poverty Alleviation


Integrated Development Foundation (IDF) has been implementing on “Breed conservation, development of Gayal breed (Bos frontalis) & poverty alleviation by rearing at the farm level” project under the program “Learning and innovative fund to test new ideas (LIFT)” of Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) since 01 March 2020. Chattogram based this project is assigned last 3 years.

A Brief Discussion on Gayal:

Gayal is an endangered species in Bangladesh according to listings of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the cross between Gaur (Bos gaurus) and domestic cattle has given birth to Gayal (Bos frontalis). The eastern part of Bangladesh, northern part of Myanmar, hilly areas of Bhutan, eastern part of India are the source of distribution for Gayal. And it has been reared as a semi domesticated animal.

For the indigenous communities in the above mentioned, Gayal is observed as a symbol of social vigor. These indigenous communities sacrifice Gayal on their religious and social festivals.

Importance of Gayal Species:

  • Gayal is being as iconic species for sacrifice during Eid-Ul-Adha each year.

  • A matured Gayal bull may weigh up to 1000 Kg of live weight. Besides, due to it’s higher dressing percentage (48-54%), Gayal is a good source for meat production.

  • Gayal meat contains 23.87% dietary protein in relation to beef (19.05% Protein) and carabeef (20.39% Protein). It means Gayal meat is way better dietary protein source.

  • The fat percentage in Gayal meat is very low (Around 0.66%). In perspective, beef contains the highest fat percentage (10.19%) followed by carabeef (1.37%). The lower the fat percentage, the lower chance to get heart diseases due to less content of cholesterol. Besides, Gayal meat contains higher amount of unsaturated fatty acids which is the best for health.

  • The dependency on animal import would be reduced by increasing popularity of Gayal.

  • Through strict monitoring, Gayal farming can be made commercially profitable.

Goals of The Project:

  • Conservation of endangered Gayal species from extinction.

  • Development of Gayal breed.

  • Improvement of Gayal domestication.

  • Increasing popularity of Gayal

  • Alleviation of poverty by rearing Gayal at the farm level.

Working Area :

District Upazila Area
Chattogram Shitakunda Fouzdarhat
Chattogram Lohagara Amchorhat
Khagrachari Matiranga IDF Matiranga Integrated Farm

Objectives of The Project:

  • To establish Gayal Conservation Farm at the institution level.

  • To establish Gayal demonstration farms at the farmer level.

  • To select members especially eligible to Gayal rearing.

  • To disseminate Gayal loans and grand money among the farmers.

  • To organize specialized training on Gayal rearing in order to increase potentiality of the farmers.

  • To publish posters and other documentations for mass awareness.

Progress of The Gaya Project Since 2020:

SL Name of the Sector Target(In 3 Years) Progress upto 31 March 2021 Grand Progress (%)
1 Demo Farm at The Institution Level
1.1 Demo Farm (No.) 1 1 100
1.2 Gayal Purchase (No.) 10 10 100
1.3 Maternity Shed (No.) 1 1 100
1.4 Breeding Chute (No.) 1 1 100
2 Goyal No No
2.1 Gayal Loanee (No.) 40 4 10
2.2 Gayal Loan (Lakh Taka) 72.2 4 5.54
3 Grand Money
3.1 Demo Farm (No.) 30 4 13.33
3.2 Demo Farm (Lakh Taka) 18 2.4 13.33
3.3 Training (Non-Residential) (No.) 4 1 25
3.4 Vaccine (Thousand Taka) 40 0 0
3.5 Anthelmintics (Thousand Taka) 60 0 0
3.6 Sanitizer (Thousand Taka) 20 0 0
3.7 Workshop (No.) 2 0 0
3.8 Workshop (Thousand Taka) 40 0 0
3.9 Poster (Thousand Taka) 75.52 0 0
3.10 Video Documentary (Lakh Taka) 1.66 0 0