Elderly People (Senior Citizen) Program:

IDF introduced this program in 2016 in collaboration with PKSF at Wagga and Raikhaly union under Rangamati district.  In the village community, the elderly people are most vulnerable and burden of the family as they are unable to contribute any financial support. Moreover, they become dependent of the other family member and loose respect and gradually fall in many frustrations.  To address these challenges and ensure welfare of elderly people, IDF has put some specific programs and these are:

  • Subsidized credit facilities

  • Health service under special care

  • Transportation and entertainment facilities along with enhanced coverage

  • Old Age Allowance for most vulnerable elder person

  • Formation of elderly committee in each ward

  • Provide burial & funeral support when an elder person die

  • Recognition as best Senior citizen

As at December 2017, the progress of this program is as follows:

Sl. No. Description Achievement
01 Establishment of elderly centre 01
02 Village committee of elderly people 09
03 Provide Old Age Allowance 100
04 Provide burial & funeral support 027
05 Special assistance (distribution of blanket) 150
06 Special assistance (distribution of commode Chair) 02
07 Provide health service 1203
08 Recognition as best senior citizen 01