Sports and Cultural Program

Cultural and Sports program is being organized in coordination with IDF and PKSF as one of the ongoing program. IDF has been implementing this Programme in field level since 2016.  The goal of this program is to play a constructive role in building a developed nation by involving people with sports and cultural activities. IDF operates various programs with about 14,540 students in Chittagong, Rangamati and Bandorban district. The Programme patronizes and promotes school-based activities to raise cultural affinity and sportsmanship among the youths.

It is not possible to solve all problems overall by eliminating financial poverty. Sustainable human development will not be possible without practice of pure cultural activities in daily life. By involving youth in sports and cultural activities, the Programme aims to create awareness against crimes like terrorism, social ills like harassing women, drug abuse, and violence against women.

The following cultural activities are listed for implementation under the Programme: drawing, hand writing, wall magazine, essay writing, recitation, story-telling, Tagore and Nazrul songs, folk songs, regional songs, acting, dance and debate competition. The sports activities, on the other hand, include table tennis, football, cricket, handball, volleyball, badminton, chess, kabadi, swimming, sprint, sack-race, cow cart racing, boat racing, mini marathon, cycling and other local traditional sports.

As on December 2020, Programmes covered by IDF is divided into three parts which are as follows:

IDF Cultural and Sports program at a glance (As on January 2020):

Sports :

  • Badminton 42 Person
  • Kabadi 200 Person
  • Slow Cycling 80 Person
  • Math race, Cock fight , 100 meter sprint, Roop Jump 3000 Person
  • Volleyball 84 Person
  • Carum 480 Person

Others Program :

  • Cleanliness expedition 100 Person

  • Tree planting campaign 100 Person
  • Wall writing festival 552 Person
  • Health Campaign 5000 Person

Cultural Program :

  • Debate Competition : 252 Person
  • Drawing and Handwriting 354 Person
  • Self Writing 516 Person
  • Educational Workshop 998 Person
  • Quiz and Instant Speech 1220 Person
  • Poem recitation 360 Person
  • Dance and Acting 158 Person
  • Essay Writing 81 Person
  • Song 872 Person
  • Story Telling 93 Person

As on December 2020 IDF has been implementing this Programme in the following area:

  • City Area, Chittagong
  • Patya
  • Boalkhali
  • Satkania
  • Lohagara
  • Hathazari
  • Bandorban
  • Kaptai
  • Rangamati