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Health, Water and Sanitation

In order to provide health services, sanitation and safe water to Hill Tracts people, IDF started this program in 1995 with the assistance of Sida in Chittagong Hill Tracts and gradually expanded to other areas covered by IDF. IDF implements this program through medical officers (MBBS), paramedics, health workers and health agents. Health Workers and Paramedics are paid employees where the Health agents are elected from amongst the group members.

Health agents are provided training on common diseases, primary health care, reproductive and child health, safe water and sanitation, HIV/AIDS and eye care. Health agents provide health related counseling to the members and report any illness or sickness of members or their family members to the branch managers who immediately visit the sick person and take necessary action for treatment. The health workers work under the guidance of Coordinator, Health Program. However their activities are supervised by respective Area Managers or Branch Managers depending on the place of posting.

IDF is piloting a scheme to see how full health support including doctor’s check up, and full medicines costs could be provided to the members and their family members with the existing premium.


  • Make the poor people aware of health problems and the causes of common diseases.
  • Provide health services to IDF members and their families.
  • Facilitate access of the poor people to health services, safe water and sanitation.
  • Make the people conscious about the safe motherhood and child health.
  • Develop skilled qualified, well trained paramedics and health agents.

In order to achieve the above objectives, IDF runs health insurance program and covers the health risks of all family members of IDF. At present, IDF has one paramedic for two branches who provides both preventive and primary health care services members and their family members.

Paramedics Service: Currently 70 well-trained paramedics are working at different in order to ensure quality counseling & treatment facilities to IDF members. Paramedics get all support from Area & Branch Managers. All centres have elected health agents who got training on primary health care. Health agents work in her area under the guidance of paramedics and medical officers.

Progress Of Health Activities:

Health Centers: 

 IDF operates 2 regular health centers where the members and their dependents are provided with MBBS doctor’s services and free medicines. There are provisions of providing some basic medical tests. Members get cash for health services in places where IDF cannot provide health services.During the year 2020, a total of 4117 patients received health services from 2 Health centers of IDF (2308 patients from Health Center 1 and 1809 patients from Health Center 2).  Free medicines were provided to 3,331 patients that cost BDT 77,070.

Health education sessions were organized to make the members aware and become health conscious so that they can take preventive measures against some common diseases. The numbers of such sessions organized in the year were 14,179 and the number of participants attended the sessions were 1,83,033.

Operations of Clinics:

Apart from health centers, the program organized Static Clinics and Satellite Clinics at the Branch levels regularly to provide health services. The numbers of static and satellite clinics organized were 950 and 13,380 respectively; and the number of patients attending static clinics was 3,810 and the number of patients attending satellite clinics was 156,881 during the year 2020. The total numbers of patients attending these clinics were 160,691.

Telemedicine Services:

IDF started telemedicine services on an experimental basis in early 2019 in 3 project areas of Sualock, Lama and Satkania. This was started especially for the patients who were found, for some reasons, unable to visit any clinics or camps. But soon it was found necessary for most of the patients due to prevalence of Covid-19. The services were found not only necessary but also effective. IDF doctors and all Medical Assistants are providing now the telemedicine services throughout the project area. During the year 2020, a total number of 20,068 patients had received telemedicine services.

Gyane and Medical Camps:

These types of gyane and medical are being organized by IDF regularly. This year, due to Covid situation, only 7 Camps could be organized where 1090 patients attended.  

Eye Care

Under the Health program, IDF developed facilities for eye care that are scarce in rural areas though eye problem is very common and vital. IDF initiated this program through eye camps in collaboration with Lions Club of Chattogram southern Bandarban in 2002. Eye care was undertaken as project in 2004 with the assistance of Hellen Keller International (HKI) and CEITC (Chattogram Eye Infirmary Training Center). Under this arrangement, CEITC provided training to IDF health workers on eye care and treatment including surgery to poor patients. IDF is continuing this activity as a regular program with CEITC after the completion of project in 2006.

The basic objectives of eye care supports are to i) raise awareness on eye care and blindness among the common people, ii) provide primary care, treatment and referral support, iii) arrange surgery services at free of cost or nominal cost. During the year 2020, 1 Eye Camp was organized and a total of 435 patients were provided with eye related services.


  • Raise awareness on eye care and blindness among the common people;
  • Provide primary care, treatment and referral support;
  • Arrange surgery services at nominal cost to the poor;

The services provided in 2020 are shown in table 18.

Table 18: Eye related services and activities in 2020

Name of Services Number
Up to 2019 In 2020 Up to 2020
1. Operation 99 11 110
2. Treatment 959 3,148 4,107
3. Refractive error treatment 403 2,005 2,408
4. Eye camp 6 4 10

 Water and Sanitation :

In the fields of water and sanitation, IDF has been providing supports for the installation of sanitary latrines, tube wells and ring wells for safe drinking water. IDF’s motivation programs have been found to be very effective in changing the attitudes and behaviors of the people towards the use of sanitary latrines and safe drinking water. More emphasis and activities for such works as installation of sanitary latrines, wells for safe drinking water were undertaken during the year 2020 in 4 Upazilas under Samridhi project and were described in details there.

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