Halda Protection and Restoration

The main objective of IDF is to assist the poor, the landless, the destitute women and children, small farmers and disabled persons in order to enable them to gain access to resources and undertake various income-generating and other activities for poverty alleviation and to enhance their quality of life in terms of health, nutrition, sanitation, education, safe water, housing, power and the environment through building effective institutions of their own, which they can understand and operate and can find socio-economic strength in it through mutual support.

To combat poverty in the impassable hilly regions and other un-served areas of Bangladesh through organizing the poor and providing them with capital, inputs, various safety-nets and services for their socio-economic upliftment.

Last genocides in Rakhaine State by the Mayanmar Army began on 25 August 2017 and forced hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas to flee to Bangladesh in order save their lives from genocides. These people crossed the border in to Baangladesh after sometimes 15 days of walk through difficult hills, forests, water and rivers with serious starvation. The women particularly pregnant women, children, old and sick people are the worst sufferers. Many have been separated from their families and love ones. Unpleasant weather made the situation worse.

These people made this difficult journey in the hope of safe life, but it is difficult. Their daily lives are shattered. Weak and sick people, single women and mother and children faced challenge to get access to food, medical care, clean water and toiletry.

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